We are happy to announce that Chinese with Meggie is organizing its third annual Chinese immersion summer camp in Beijing, China for summer 2016! The purpose of this camp is to provide an immersive learning environment for students age 5-10 years old. The camp will also provide students and parents a unique opportunity to learn alongside local Chinese students, providing a direct experience of Chinese culture. The program will also offer language instruction and local tours for parents who accompany their children on this trip.

Information Session: Oct. 24, Saturday, 1pm

Please take a moment to enjoy the 2015 Beijing Summer Camp videos and photos!

Video & Photo Gallery


Camp Information

Date: 6/26 – 7/9/2016

Orientation starts on June 26th 2pm.

The camp officially starts on June 27th, and it ends on July 9th.

Duration: 14 days (14 nights)

Participants can check in on June 26th and check out on July 10th.

Students: 5-10 years old*

* Students age above 10 years old are welcome to sign up, too. If there is enough interest from our families, we will open a program for them as well.

Location: Beijing East District Qing Nian Lake Primary School

Established in 1965, Beijing East District Qing Nian Lake Primary School is one of the most prestigious primary schools in Beijing. It has about 2000 students enrolled and 95% of its graduates are usually admitted by key middle schools in Beijing. The school is located in the center of Beijing, offering convenient access to most Beijing attractions. The school is named after Qing Nian Lake Park, a 57 acre park that serves as a public space for nearby neighborhoods.

school map


  • Students will work closely with local Chinese students
  • Low teacher-student ratio (1:10 maximum)
  • Experiential teachers who work with young language learners
  • Daily survival Chinese class for parents
  • Exciting family activities
  • Great location of the campus, convenient access to local community facilities
  • Hotel accommodation with WIFI and VPN service, 10 minutes walk from school facilities